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Purely UV 2G11 Base
Purely UV 2G11 Base


Purely UV 2G11 Base 

Purely UV 2G7 Base
The 2G11 bases include the normal press-in, secure wire terminal connections on the bottom, 4 pins aligned across in a straight line. Every Purely UV 100% quartz replacement lamp in the chart below is guaranteed to fit the 2G11 Base.
Bulb Number Length Watts
PUVG118T8.25" 18

Vendor Company Product UV Bulb Watt
Air Probe100L Air Probe18 - Watt
Air Probe200L Air Probe36 - Watt
AmilairBreath Easy RB3636 - Watt
Aqua MedicHelix Max18 - Watt
Aqua MedicHelix Max36 - Watt
Aqua MedicHelix Max55 - Watt
BreatheCleanModel 7200-105 (requires 2 bulbs)36 - Watt
Cal PumpBiofilter #BF200018 - Watt
Cal Pump U.V. Clarifier18 - Watt
Cal PumpExtra Large Biofilter #BF400036 - Watt
Cal PumpU.V. Clarifier #UV3636 - Watt
Calutech Air Purifier"Blue" Air Purifier (requires two lamps)
18 - Watt
Calutech Air PurifierAirtronics Air Purifier 18 - Watt
Calutech Air PurifierAirtonics V2 UV Light36 - Watt
Calutech Air PurifierCommercial HVAC UV (requires 6 lamps)36 - Watt
Calutech Air Purifier"Blue" Air Purifier (requires 2 lamps)36 - Watt
Calutech Air PurifierBlueray Super Output UV Air Purifier (requires 2 bulbs55 - Watt
Catfish LightingUV Clarifier36 - Watt
Catfish LightingUV Clarifier18 - Watt
Commodity AxisTerminator Uv36 - Watt
Commodity AxisViaAqua Terminator UV Sterlizer18 - Watt
CoralifeTurbo-Twist UV Sterilizers18 - Watt
CoralifeTurbo-Twist UV Sterilizers36 - Watt
CoralifeTurbo-Twist UV Pond Clarifers36 - Watt
Custom Sea LifeDouble Helix UV Sterilizer18 - Watt
Custom Sea Life36W Double Helix UV Sterilizer36 - Watt
ESU PondlifeTurbo-Twist UV Pond Clarifier18 - Watt
ESU PondlifeTurbo-Twist 6X UV Pond Clarifier18 - Watt
ESU PondlifeTurbo-Twist 12X UV Pond Clarifier36 - Watt
Fish Mate9000 Pressured UV+Bio Pond Filter36 - Watt
Garden TreasuresIn-Line UV Light - Mfg #6003118 - Watt
Garden TreasuresBiological Pond Filter Mfg #BF100018 - Watt
Green Killing MachineUVC 24 - Watt
HagosUVC18 - Watt
HagosUVC36 - Watt
HoneywellUV Airvent Kit Air Treatment System18 - Watt
JeboUV Ultraviolet Sterilizer UV-H1818 - Watt
OASEBitron 18C UVC Clarifiers18 - Watt
OASEBitron 36C UVC Clarifiers36 - Watt
OASEBitron 24C UVC Clarifiers24 - Watt
OASEBitron 55C UVC Clarifiers
55 - Watt
OASEBitron 72C UVC Clarifiers (requires 2 Bulbs36 - Watt
OASEBitron C UVC 110C UVC Clarifiers (Requires 2 - 55W Lamps)55 - Watt
OdysseaUV Sterilizer36 - Watt
ResunClarifier18 - Watt
SanviUV Sterilizer18 - Watt
SanviUV Sterilizer36 - Watt
Sharper ImageAirSanitizer #SI362BLU36 - Watt
SunterraUV Clarifier Mfg #33401818 - Watt
Sunterra33403636 - Watt
Tetra PondUV-218 - Watt
Tetra Pond UV-336 - Watt
Tetra PondUpgrade Kit for ClearChoice PRF250018 - Watt
Tetra PondClearChoice PUV-4000 W/UV Clarifier18 - Watt
Tetra PondBio-Active BP4000-UV18 - Watt
Tetra PondBio-Active Bp 2500-UV18 - Watt
Tetra PondUpgrade Kit for Clear Choice PRF400018 - Watt
Thera PureTherapure 300D 18 - Watt
Thera PureTherapure 201M18 - Watt
Thera PureTherapure 201M - Ionic Pro18 - Watt
York S1-UV50120 Hybrid UVC Ait Purifier36 - Watt

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Item# Item Name Qty Add
PUVG118T Purely UV 2G11 Base
PUVG1118 Purely UV 2G11 Base
PUVG1124 Purely UV 2G11 Base
PUVG1136 Purely UV 2G11 Base
PUVG1155 Purely UV 2G11 Base

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