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Columbia Water Gardens is a nationally recognized pond installer, installer of water features, waterscapes, koi ponds, Pond help waterfalls, fountains, as well as complete landscape design from dirt to paradise.

We are not your typical contractor - we are so much more. Columbia Water Gardens is modeled after the Aquascape way of pond design and installation, as well as follow up pond maintenance, pond service, and pond repair.

We not only serve our local area, Hemet, San Jacinto, Idyllwild, Beaumont, Banning, Redlands, Yucaipa, and Calimesa - but we have many satisfied customers in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Sun City, Homeland, Romoland, Moreno Valley, Perris, and Riverside.

We are also your trusted local pond and waterfall installers for the low desert areas of Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, and Indio.

We specialize in:
  • Aquascape ecosystem installations
  • Amazing back yard waterfalls
  • Water gardens
  • Aquaponics and self sustainment
  • Pond-less waterfalls (or pond free waterfalls)
  • Pond design
  • Koi pond rehabs and pond redesign
  • Formal koi pond construction
  • Fountain installation
  • Rain water harvesting

"We stick to what we do, and we do it very well."

This is important! Please read this.

Columbia Water Gardens is a licensed contractor with the California State Licensing Bureau under license number 986707. While we are a licensed landscape contractor and can transform your entire yard from one end to the other, we specialize in water features. Like a doctor that has many years of schooling and specializes in one area of medicine, we do too.

We continually see ponds done so terribly wrong by general landscapers that have little to no training where they have convinced the homeowner that they "know what they are doing". We fix, rebuild, reshape, and repair them regularly.

Consider this: You spend "X" number of dollars to have your well meaning yard guy install your water feature (or you attempt to do it yourself) and in short order it's not what you envisioned. The ecosystem is unbalanced, there's excessive rock placement, or the whole thing is unnatural with slate waterfalls, (hello people, God doesn't do that in nature), and concrete. (Yikes!). So you spent all this money, and being exasperated, you call us. Now we have to come out and tear apart your water feature that you paid for, redo a proper excavation using a laser transit, and do things the right way. Now your water feature cost you literally twice as much, if not more, to have it professionally done.

This is terrible! We can (and do) credit some of the excavation costs against the budget, but that's eaten up in disposal of old liner, faulty or inefficient filtration equipment.... It's a ponding trainwreck!

Please let us at least quote you on your next project before you make a financial and emotional decision.

Here's an example of what we do. Columbia Water Gardens is an Aquascape trained installer, that is, we are trained by the leading pond installers in the nation, Aquascape!

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."

The above pond is just one of many that we have completely redone. Our goal is to provide a water feature that is natural looking, functional, and a pleasure to look at. We hide nearly all our equipment so the finished pond or waterfall is a natural extension of your landscaping.

Here are a few reasons to let us quote your next project:

  • Experience. Our installation team is led by a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor with over 15 years experience building some of the most amazing water features you have seen to simple ones that can take just a few days from excavation to completion.
  • We do not run our business out of a home office. We have a retail store, and are well organized. This means that if the construction team is on another job and you need us for a minor adjustment or repair post construction, we can send out our maintenance team, our service tech, or a repair tech. If need be, the owner himself will come out. Other construction companies generally are on another job and cannot get to you as quickly as we can.
  • We are here for you post install. One of the most common problems that even real good installers have is that they cannot get to their customers post sale fast enough to mentor their new pond owner on the proper use of beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes, etc.. Our clients can come into our retail store and get what they need (koi, food, chemicals, plants, upgrades, fountains and spitters, etc...) at the best price guaranteed! We offer our internet pricing and best price guarantee to our local customers so they can support small business and not have to pay more to do so.
  • We are experts. We have trained literally thousands of customers nationwide and have a loyal following. We will help you make the right decisions. Period.
  • We are not "Yes Men". We will tell you what you need to hear.
  • Yard Crashes! We have been featured on the DIY Network's new hit series "I Hate My Yard", on the following episodes: "Cape Cod Meets West Coast", and "Grass Free Oasis". You can watch them on You Tube.
  • We train. Columbia Water Gardens is the home of You Tube's "Pond Product Review Guy" who trains customers on the use of their product before they buy it. He is very hands on and almost always available.
  • We are published. Columbia Water Gardens has written many articles published in "Pond Trade Magazine" and is a member in good standing on several online forums such as Koiphen, Koi Shack, and Koi Bito.
  • We support. Columbia Water Gardens supports many koi clubs across the nation and is a regular attendee at the San Diego Koi Club's annual spring koi show.
  • We are professionals. We are passionate, driven, and model integrity.

We are affordable.

Columbia Water Gardens respects the economy and installing a waterfall in your yard can take as little as 1 day, costing less than $2,000.00!

Below is an example of a waterfall you can have installed in your yard.


One of the fastest growing trends in water feature installations is fountainscapes.

A fountainscape is more than a fountain. Fountainscapes are disappearing water features that are very low on maintenance, and run with less electricity than traditional waterfalls or ponds.

Here's a great short video on how a disappearing water feature can transform your yard in a very big way with a tiny footprint.

Rain Water Harvesting

In Southern California, specifically, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, we are in a desert. We get a vast majority of our water from the Colorado River and other expensive municipalities. If you are into sustainability and stewardship, rain water harvesting is the answer to expensive water bills and the alternative to letting your yard go dry during times of water shortage.

A rain water harvesting system is installed right to your rain gutter system and feeds an underground cistern that can hold thousands of gallons of water on demand for your garden, trees, and even your lawn. Once installed, they are very efficient, with the pump running only when you need it, and of course, the best part - rain is free!

We honestly don't understand why everyone doesn't install a rainwater harvesting system into their yard and increase sustainability having a vegetable garden with less dependance on genetically modified store bought veggies.

Haven't heard about the benefits of rain water harvesting? Watch this short video and you'll want one installed.

You are not here by accident

Rest assured that coming across this website is by no means an accident.

We have taken great care and detail to encourage your web search to find us. We want your business, and will do what we have to to prove to you that you can trust us with your next landscape construction job.

We don't take shortcuts or under bid the job. You may find a comparable competitor with years of schooling, degrees, accreditations, and other bells and whistles, but they wouldn't be us. Yes, we have bragging rights, but we offer such a more complete package than most other local contractors. We have our retail store and showroom, koi, turtles, aquatic plants, and almost any time, we can come out to fix a problem right away - unlike other competitors where their pond construction is their job, it is our business. let me explain: A job depends on the contractor's availability, health, and personal time to get you on a schedule. A business has a team that runs well - even in the event that someone gets sick, injured, or even worse, gives up. Have you ever heard of a contractor walking off a job? We have, and it's not pretty. We don't. You have recourse with us because we have a very real presence, not a virtual one from a home office.

Pond, waterfall, rain water harvesting, fountainscapes, lighting, and complete landscaping is not our job, it is our business.

Please take the time to fill out this form. It will help us pinpoint your needs and we will respond to you as quickly as we can. This form is CC'd to the owner, Carl Petite, so if you send it over and you get a call back from Carl, know that you are very important and whether he is in the office or in between calls, either Carl or his staff will be calling you in short order.

Proudly serving the following communities and beyond:

Hemet, San Jacinto, Idyllwild, Pine Cove, Sun City, Homeland, Romoland, Temecula, Murietta, Menifee, Beaumont, Banning, Yucaipa, Redlands, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Fallbrook, La Cresta, Le Luz, Oak Glen, Cherry Valley, Moreno Valley, Riverside, and Perris

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