This is the promotional lighting installation page.

Please select your installation fee based on the number of lights you want installed.

Step One.

  • The first three lights are $100.00. Select the box below for the first three lights with a quantity of (1).
  • Each additional light is $33.33. Select the box below for each additional light with the quantity of the total of lights you want over and above the first three.

**** Please note that installation cannot exceed $600.00 without a home improvement contract. If your installation exceeds $600.00, please do not "check out" and submit your order. Instead, please follow the link below to "REQUEST APPOINTMENT" and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you do process an order that contains an installation fee greater than $600.00, your order will cancel, and your installation fees will be refunded pending execution of a home improvement contract. ****

Step Two.
Schedule your appointment request. Please give us the three dates that work best for you.

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