Pond Maintenance and Servicing

Columbia Water Gardens is California's largest volume Certified Aquascape Contractor for 2015! No-one comes close to what we have to offer. Our dedicated Maintenance Division services hundreds of customers every year with pond problems, pond cleaning, and Bi-Weekly to Weekly pond maintenance. Currently, we have just under 50 homes Pond help that are on maintenance with us as well as businesses, retirement homes, and resorts. Here's a testimonial we received from one of our customers:

Just want to thank you and your team for hanging with me these many weeks.
The pond looks absolutely spectacular. Never better. Stringy algae all gone. Clarity approached Lake Tahoe and most importantly the beautiful fish you have provided are very happy and come up to see me whenever I go to look up at them, which I do about 10-20 times a day.
We have achieved Nirvana. Cannot thank you enough for giving my pond back to me with all the trouble I have caused. Please thank John, Brian and the entire crew for me. I am the #1 fan of Columbia Water Gardens."

When I asked this customer if I could use this testimonial on our website, this was his response:

"Please, you should also cover the fact the Rancho Water is dumping chloramines into the water which as you know I did not have a clue. We believe we are doing our beloved Koi a favor by exchanging the water every week for fresh water when in fact we are suffocating them. This is so distressful it is beyond comprehension. Columbia opened the door for me for understanding all my frustrations.
I only wish that I had met Carl at Columbia Water Gardens five years ago when Rancho Water made the switch to Chloramines.
Thank you Carl."

Unlike our some of our competitors, we actually have a physical presence and a diversified business. Meaning, that while we do full scale water feature construction, we also do maintenance, have a fully staffed retail store, and consult for customers nationwide.

We offer:

  • Clean-outs
  • Vacation servicing
  • Fall and winter prep
  • Pond netting installation
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly servicing
  • New pond instruction
  • On-site consultation for do it yourselfer's
  • Retrofit and upgrade
  • Design services and consultation

We service:

  • Residential or commercial
  • Koi ponds from traditional to water gardens
  • Commercial lakes
  • Fountains
  • Pondless waterfalls

Route contents:

  • Weekly skimmer cleaning
  • Weekly water testing
  • Weekly backwash of bead filters (if applicable)
  • Weekly inspection of equipment, and advise if there are issues
  • Weekly appointment with email reminders
  • Inspect fish for visible health concerns
  • Weekly plant trimming of dead organic matter or overgrowth in key areas
  • Rinse waterfall of debris
  • Addition of beneficial bacteria
  • Addition of barley
  • Addition of chemicals as approved and necessary
  • Monthly cleaning of waterfall filter (if applicable)
  • Weekly light vacuuming
  • Accountability report left for the homeowner letting the homeowner know we were there, what we did, and our recommendations.
  • Special pricing in our retail store, on annual clean-outs, and retrofitting.

Our pond service and maintenance route covers the following areas:

  • Hemet / San Jacinto
  • Menifee
  • Murietta
  • Temecula
  • Idyllwild
  • Lake Elsinore
  • Canyon Lake
  • Beaumont
  • Banning
  • Cherry Valley
  • Perris / Moreno Valley
  • Indio, La Quinta, Palm Springs, and the Low Desert

Large Water Features

  • This Feature is showcased in front of Mountain View Mobile Homes Park in San Jacinto, Ca.

    When we begin any pond clean-out, we set up quarantine for your fish, with adequate aeration, taking the utmost care of your pets while we get to work.

    Expect a bit of a mess at first, but rest assured, we know what we're doing and will clean up well when we're finished.
  • Once we have drained your water feature, we clean it well. In this case, the cleaned pond looks new.

    Pressure washing makes your feature shine.

    You will definitely see results.

  • Once cleaned, we begin refilling your pond. It's not unusual for a small crowd to form in a pond clean-out like this one.

    In this case, the office staff was greatly pleased as well as the residents. This pond hadn't been professionally serviced for several years.

  • To help with algae, the park chose to add pond dye.

    Pond dye shades the water and deters single celled algae growth called phytoplankton.

Concrete Ponds

  • This beautiful pond in Temecula California, has been neglected over time.

    As you may be able to see, there is an Oase Pondovac 4 in the picture; we had just began this pond service.

    With this pond's filtration of an Aqua Ultima 2 20,000 and 160 watt UV has all of the potential to look like drinking water; the customer hadn't taken care of his filtration.

  • Service for waterfalls is one of our specialties.

    During this service, there was a large amount of debris in the waterfall; in which we had to vacuum down into the main pond.

    The product of our pond service leaves you in astonishment.

  • The end result to our maintenance overall is a "like new" appearance.

    We finished draining this pond, and vacuumed the rest of the debris out of the pond.

    Having your pond serviced is one of the necessities of having a water feature. Pond service improves fish health. In this, our service will boost your confidence in showing your backyard escape to everyone.

Ecosystem Ponds using Pond Liner

  • This pond in Temecula, Ca needs to be readied for spring and have a little plant thinning.

    Plants are good for your pond. They complete the nitrogen cycle by removing Nitrate.

    Nitrate being one of algae's food sources, one removed by plants, helps keep algae levels at a controllable minimum.

  • Midway through a pond clean-out we have a chance to re-stack fallen rocks, remove excess plant growth, and service underwater lights.

    When we re-fill your pond, we meter the water so you know the true gallons of your pond.

  • Your pond is now finished filling.

    When your pond is full we will dechlorinate your water, add pro-biotics, and beneficial bacteria. This makes your pond safe for your fish so we can re-introduce them into your pond.

    It is perfectly normal for your pond to look a bit cloudy after a cleaning. Your pond usually clears up by the following morning and looks crystal clear.