In my personal opinion, a water feature without lighting is like a car without air conditioning. It works, but not very enjoyable.

El Nino is offering us a warm winter, shoot, I'm wearing shorts as I write this! Imagine an evening by your pond or waterfall, a nice firepit, hot cocoa, and pond lights lighting up waterfalls, the water, and maybe up-lighting a few trees.

In a moment, I'm going to make an offer so simple that our schedule should quickly overload with appointments. First, I want you to know that we normally install our Aquascape lights at the following pricing: (one) 1 watt light installed $150.00, (one) 3 watt light installed $175.00, (one) 6 watt light $200.00 (not including the transformer).

Here's the deal:

  • Buy the Aquascape light from our website at the internet price
  • Select your *installation based on how many lights you buy.
  • Schedule your installation request
  • Offer expires 12/25/2015

By the way, these Aquascape lights are factory sealed with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty, and 1 year warranty on our installation services. If anything goes wrong with the light during the first year, we will get it fixed, for free.

* Installation rate is $100.00 for the first 3 lights, each additional light is $33.33. Installation includes low voltage lighting cable, does not include the transformer. If you need a new transformer, you can purchase it right from the website and we will install it for you when we install your lights. This is presuming that installation conditions are into an ecosystem pond with rocks on liner - this special pricing excludes concrete.

Potential savings are massive!

Check this out, buy a 3 light kit that includes a transformer, a photocell, and 3 lights for the internet price of $95.98 and have us install it for a hundred bucks. That's 3 lights for $195.00 instead of the $450.00 standard pricing. At this price, there's no reason to have a dark pond.

Here are your two links to take advantage of this internet offer:

Step 1
Click Here to Select Lights
Step 2
Click Here for Installation

If you would like to call us first, please call us at 888-713-7771 x 1.

I hope this special brightens up your night :)