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Meet the "Pond Stars" at Columbia Water Gardens!

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Meet our own "Pond Stars"!

Pond construction, service, maintenance, repair, cleaning, advice, consultation, supplies...... The list goes on! Columbia Water Gardens is one of the rare full service pond supply stores servicing Southern California.

Before you get to know our staff, we want you to know that we really do care.

Our objective is not to sell you stuff, it is to solve the root cause of your problem. Whether is is a poorly built water feature, or an ecosystem that is out of balance, we really are equipped to help you with your pond, waterfall, fountain, or LED lightscaping.

We are not your typical contractor. We have a highly trained staff that specializes in ecosystem water features. The best analogy here is that you may not want a foot doctor working on you brain, would you? Unfortunately, many homeowners resort to having their "lawn guy" work on their pond because they don't know about us, or think we may be too expensive. You would be surprised! Even though we are highly trained, specialized, and award winning, we are competitively priced at a labor rate that lower than most automobile mechanics.

Our ecosystem ponds mimic nature, blend very well into your landscape, and in most cases look as if the pond was there first, and the house was built next. We are your local experts. Demand a Master Certified Aquascape contractor, or don't sign a contract. , and you will be redirected to Aquascape's "Find a Contractor" page. Enter your information here, and if the local pond guy isn't listed here, chances are great that they are imposters! Sad to say, there are many pond builders around the country that want to represent themselves as Certifed Aquascape Contractors, but fail to take the initiative to go through the rigorous and expensive training that CAC's must go through before certification will even be considered.

When we come to your home, expect to see one of these staff members, and you'll know a little bit of something about them before they arrive!

NameCarl Petite
LikesPond building and design, boating, adventuring, public speaking, helping others, and motorcycle riding.
DislikesPeanuts (I hate peanuts) and mean people.
AchievementsMaster Certified Aquascape Contractor, guest speaker at Aquascape's 2014 Pondemonium event, Aquascape's 2014 Businessman of the Year, #2 Certified Aquascape Contractor 2015 Worldwide, winner of Aquascape's coveted Top Frog Award, published author for Pond Trade Magazine, winner of the "Best Booth" award at the 2012 San Diego Koi Show, nationally recognized, locally respected.
NameJohn Petite
PositionGeneral Manager
LikesStar Wars! John is our own in-house Jedi (don't worry, he's a good guy). He also has his own pond in his yard, loves his huskies, and is a newlywed. John also has his '72 Dodge Dart that he loves to tinker with. He's extremely resourceful and loves positive affirmation.
DislikesMean people, slow drivers that don't pay attention, and terrorism.
AchievementsCollege Graduate from Cal State San Bernardino with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing and a minor in Science. John was going to be a forensic pathologist and changed majors. Attended 2015 Pondemonium, passed all qualifying classes to pass the Aquascape Academy. John's prior career was 15 years working customer service at Stater Brother's grocery stores. He worked at Lake Arrowhead and Bryant Street in Yucaipa. If you leave a 15 year career to do ponds, and have a Bachelor's Degree, do you think he's committed to you? We do!

Why should you hire a Certified Aquascape Contractor?

  • We are the some of the most highly trained pond specialists in our industry.
  • We are required to submit photos of our installs for review by the CAC committee board for evaluation.
  • We have group training with our peers at Pondemonium, "Build a Pond" events, and are required to pass with a 100% score all levels of certification via Aquascape's Academy.

There are three levels of certification:

  • (Columbia Water Gardens is a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor). We were ranked at 35th in the nation at Aquascape's 2014 Pondemonium event where our owner, Carl Petite, was also recognized as 2014's "Businessman of the Year". When a master CAC installs a pond, only install Aquascape equipment will be used.
  • . A Professional CAC is one who has committed 100% of their installs to be Aquascape Installations, but lacks requirements by Aquascape to be recognized as a Master.
  • . Entry level CAC's are NOT REQUIRED to install 100% Aquascape product. This can lead to complex repairs down the road with equipment such as pumps and filters, and may even lead to complex ecosystem failure

So, wether you are looking for pond construction, service, maintenance, repair, cleaning, advice, consultation, supplies, or design services, you aren't here by accident. We worked very hard for you to be able to find us. We service the greater Riverside County area, and most parts of San Bernardino County, California.

We are your local pond service, pond repair, pond construction, build a waterfall, pond supplies for:

  • Hemet, San Jacinto, Valle Vista, Sage, Anza, Homeland, and Romoland
  • Beaumont, Banning, Idyllwild, Yucaipa, Calimesa, Redlands, and Loma Linda
  • Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indio, Yucca Valley, Morongo Valley, and Cabazon
  • Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, La Cresta, and French Valley
  • Riverside, Moreno Valley, Perris, and Quail Valley.

(If your city isn't listed here, that doesn't necessarily mean we won't come to you - but you may be outside of our preferred service area. Please call us for more details)