Rain and Pond Algae - Learn How They Work Together

This is another one of my educational emails that I know many of you read (I actually get stats on how many of these emails are opened!)

This weekend, California is forecasted for the worst rain event in years. Some Meteorologists are calling this a 10 year rain storm! Batten down the hatches, man the pumps, and cuddle up with a blanket and a good movie. I might suggest Star Wars or Indiana Jones, but that's just me - I'm a child of the 70's.

Rain, water, and algae. Why does your pond look green with algae after a major rain event?

The basic answer is that there is nitrogen in the atmosphere, and when electrically charged rain from a high cloud empties rain on the land below, we get rain water that is loaded with nitrogen - and nitrogen is widely used in plant fertilizer. That's why your lawn is extraordinary after a good rain. She just got watered AND fertilized!

So did your pond's algae.

You see, algae is a photosynthetic plant that likes sunlight, and food. Imagine you fertilizing algae in your pond, what would the response be? Mayhem. That's what.

What's the solution?

Well, there are several, actually.

  1. Beneficial Bacteria . Dose with bacteria today. I'm serious about this. You really need to be pro active when you know that there is going to be a rain event in the forecast.  Beneficial Bacteria wats away at the food source for algae - it's called the nitrogen cycle.�
  2. Automatic dosing system . Order your refill bag here or get an auto doser for your water feature. Below is a picture that was cleared up of it's algae issues just by using an automatic dosing system - 1 week later!
  3. Do nothing, call us and register for our spring cleaning event if you haven't done so already. Your water garden runs a high risk of greening up with an algae bloom as a result of this rain, and spring cleanings remove a great majority of the sludge that may have built up - which is also a food source for algae.
  4. Buy an algae killer.  Liquid algaecides are good at killing string algae and phytoplankton - another form of algae that resembles pea soup.  There are other effective methods of killing algae if your pond is unusual - call us at 888-713-7771 to create your custom algae killing kit.

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I sincerely appreciate you, your support for my family business, and I want you to know that I truly care. All of us here are working very long hours updating our content so that you, our faithful customers, are well informed and have the absolute best 2017 season possible.

Most sincerely,

-Carl Petite, Owner, master Certified Aquascape Contractor and chief algae killer.