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Check out these JUMBO koi as Carl Petite from Columbia Water Gardens inspects the inventory at Barstow Koi Farm in California!

I’ll take you from tank to tank showing off some amazing JUMBO KOI!

I’m sorry for the terrible sound, you can turn it off and still get the point - but this video isn’t about me, it’s about the koi.

AT my estimate, there is over a million dollars in standing inventory at Barstow Koi at the time of this filming. There are MANY MORE tanks there that aren’t in this video, plus mud ponds galore!!!!

I’m still in search of the million dollar koi, have you found it?

Part #1 - Contractor kills over $7500.00 in koi! Tragic pond done wrong story! Raw unedited video!

Follow this raw, unedited, epic concrete pond rebuild!

In this video series, we introduce a client of ours that hired another contractor only to have his prized koi quarantined in a trash can!

Needless to say, all of the koi died, close to 200 of them. Then the contractor left the 80 plus year old client with all of his dead koi to dispose of himself!

Follow this video series as we take you through a possible 2 week journey to demolish and rebuild one of the nastiest concrete ponds done wrong we have ever worked with.

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Part #3 - Concrete Pond Demo, Excavator, Dump Trailer, Jackhammer, and Rubble! How to tips!

In this video, we are giving you demo tips on tearing out a concrete koi pond with concrete boulders!

Stay with us in this series as we tear out over 15,000 pounds of concrete, man made rocks, and rebar!

In this video we give you an alternative method of disposing of concrete in a landfill - RECYCLING! Also we show you how not to make concrete boulders.

Part #2 - Concrete koi pond remodel, tips, DIY dont's, and how to dispose of concrete. Raw video!

In this second video, we talk about some concrete don'ts, give tips on demolition, and how to dispose of broken concrete.

This customer came to us a year ago and hired another contractor to do a patch job on his leaking concrete pond.

The contractor quarantined over 100 koi - some as large as 18", in a TRASH CAN! All of the koi died, and the contractor left the 80+ year old homeowner to dispose of his dead pets by himself!

Follow this video series to watch us create paradise for this great guy and watch for his interview at the end.

Part #4 - What a mess!! Concrete bridge gone, waterfall rubble on this pond remodel in Hemet

In case you missed the back story, check out the first video in this series by following the link below.

We are on day #4 of this pond remodel.

Yesterday was a rain day - It poured all day!!!!

We are now one day behind production, and what a mess! We have hauled off 3 loads of rubble and have a dump run now.

Rebar, mesh, and other stuff is really slowing us down - but we will get there! To know the whole story, subscribe to our channel and get notifications every time a new video is uploaded!

FINALLY AN UPDATE!!! "Behind the Scene" Concrete pond renovation almost ready for liner

THE LONG AWAITED UPDATE on our concrete pond renovation in Hemet, Ca.

We are almost ready for liner and time to start rocking this pond in.

We build natural Aquascape ecosytem ponds that don't work against nature, rather, with her.

Our methodology is a marriage of biology, science, and artistry that naturalizes water features into the landscaping.

Check out this "Behind the Scenes" video showing the progress, problems, and solutions to one of the longest standing clients of Columbia Water Gardens.

Finished! Spirit of Joy Church’s New Fountain Water Garden!Hello, world!

Check out Part #1 of this 2 part series to see us wrapping this project up!

This project came referred to us by a member of this church. There was a long time member that passed away and donated money that was earmarked for a memorial garden for church members that have passed on.

She was a musician and as artists ourselves, we really wanted to tribute her with music of our own using the sound of water.

Everything you see here is new..... This water garden consists of Aquascape Spillway Bowls, Basalt Columns, Bubbling Rocks, and our very first Oase Jumping Jet installation. We also custom made the patio cover, the benches, and laid the flagstone patio.

All of these items shown are available for purchase at deep discounts on our website at

Please call us if you have any questions on the installation or if you would like some tips at 888-713-7771. *** Hint *** Hit extension #4, and you jut might reach me directly!

Almost done.... New Koi Pond in San Jacinto!! Aquascape Ecosystem Pond

Ready for KOI!!! Really nice BOULDERS, a stream, plantings, and 3 waterfalls in this brand new Aquascape Ecosystem Pond..... Next comes the landscaping, the hardscaping, trees, and so much more! Be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check us out on Facebook