Rainwater Harvesting

What is "Rainwater Harvesting"? Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation of rainwater for reuse on-site, rather than allowing it to runoff or just saturate into the ground. Uses include water for gardens, water for water features, water for irrigation of lawns. In some areas of the world, the harvested water can be used as drinking water (once treated) as well as for storage and other purposes. Both Bermuda and The Virgin Islands have laws requiring a type of Rainwater Harvesting for their residents.

Columbia Water Gardens can help you with your Rainwater Harvesting needs. Whether you need to purchase products for your project, get expert advice and instruction, or have us come out and build a Rainwater Harvesting system for you. With our years of experience, you are sure to achieve success whichever route you decide to go.

Drinking Water, the picture above shows an elaborate design for capturing, purifying, and the re-use of the harvested water. Methods like the above one are extremely expensive, and cost prohibitive for most budgets. Our methods are far simpler (see image below) - With a large storage tank to collect the water, your dependance on local water supply is eliminated or at least lessened. In some parts of the world, annual rainfall is here. Rainwater Harvesting can collect approximately 550 gallons of water for every 1,000 square feet of collection surface area (roof for example) per inch of rain. For example; an average house in Everett, Washington that is 20' x 50" could collect 19,800 gallons per year (Based on 36 inches per year).

Water Feature Integration. Want to harvest rainwater and have a beautiful water feature? You can have both! The picture above shows how that can be done. Rainwater from the roof is collected in a basin/reservoir area and the collected water is not only used in a beautiful Pondless Waterfall, but the collected water is used to water plants and landscaping. Columbia Water Gardens has many options for you to choose from for water features. Maybe 3 Basalt columns, or a Pondless Waterfall, or your favorite vase or urn. Whatever you decide, we can help. We offer these products at a great price for the "do-it-yourselfer", or we can build it for you. Creating a paradise in your backyard.... that's what we do.

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